Nedis Elektrische hapjespan

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  • anti-aanbaklaag
  • Aanpasbare temperatuur
  • deksel van gehard glas
Electric Skillet Pan, 40 cm, Thick-cast Aluminium Body

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Nedis FCSP110EBK40. Kleur van het product: Zwart

The Nedis® electric frying pan is one of the most versatile appliances to upgrade your kitchen cookware with! It handles all sorts of cooking techniques. A large capacity and adjustable thermostat ensure that smaller to large dishes are perfectly prepared. Dishwasher safe and with a non-stick coating so cleaning is just as quick and effortless.Electrical – Maximum flexibilityFrying, baking, stewing, braising, cooking: this multipurpose Nedis® electric frying pan provides you with all the flexibility to cook what you want, where you want – you only need a power socket. Think how convenient this is while you’re out camping, if you don’t have a gas connection or simply because you’d like to upgrade your standard kitchen cookware. Adjustable temperature – Precise cooking of all sorts of ingredientsUnlike traditional stoves and cooktops, electric skillet pans can be set to a steady temperature that can also be adjusted quickly. Having full control of the cooking temperature helps to ensure food is cooked perfectly through without the risk of burning your dinner or leaving it underdone. The thick-cast aluminium body with cast-in heating element enables exceptional heat distribution throughout the entire cooking surface.Interior with non-stick coating – Use less cooking oil The interior stone cooking surface offers a flawless finish with superior non-stick properties making this electric frying pan very easy to clean, allowing you to change what you are cooking almost instantly! To make things even easier, both skillet and lid are dishwasher-safe. Family-size frying panOur electric frying pan provides plenty of space for meat and vegetables. This allows you to save time, cooking your ingredients without the need for double handling.SafeThe tempered-glass lid and cool-touch knobs and handles make it easy to transport the pan safely from one place to another even immediately after cooking.

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